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TCD Catering  is renowned for its impeccable service and variety of fresh food options. With a team of talented, qualified chefs, we consistently deliver on time & offer flexible solutions for all dietary & catering needs. Our track record of repeat business underscores our commitment to delivering consistent quality & a diverse culinary experience to your production company, providing a full buffet.

In addition to the full buffet, now we have a solution for challenging locations, parking restrictions & limited budgets. Our brand new TCD Express, is affordable and adaptable. It’s as simple as selecting a menu and specifying the guest count. Our commitment to using biodegradable packaging minimizes food waste and carbon footprint. It's the fast, easy, and eco-friendly choice on a budget for all your catering needs. A perfect option for extras. We travel anywhere!

Qualified Chefs : Jason & kitchen crew are all qualified chefs who follow strict HACCP food & safety standards. This is imperative to keep crew healthy & happy.

Great communication: Jason is on site to communicate any changes or requests. Victoria &  staff is always contactable , for quotes, menu queries, & changes on set.

Reliable service : Always on time, and works well with production teams to keep things on schedule.

Adaptable: Quick turn around, if numbers or times change. Extra food available upon request.

Special dietary requirements:  for vegetarians, Celiacs, Gluten free, Vegans, lactose intolerant or any other requirements.

Personilsed menu:  for VIP’s or executives if requested. Healthy & fresh made daily

Volume: We cater for cast & crew from 30 to 600 pax.

Equipment: TCD Catering has the necessary equipment to do off site catering to cover all facets of film and events.

Trailer Dimensions: 6m L x 3m W x 8.5m H

Features: Twin gas ovens, sullage tank, on board generator, warmer, freezer, fridge

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