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Shawarma chicken gyros topped with beetroot yogurt & pickled red onion

Homemade falafel with baba ganoush, Hummus & mint yogurt

Chic pea & tomato salad with mint & tahini dressing

Chargrilled lamb koftas with caramelized lemon

Honey carrot & fennel salad with baby spinach

Quinoa tabouleh with lemon dressing 


Chicken Katsu with panko crumbs & Tonkastu sauce

Steamed vegetable gyoza with mirin soy dipping sauce

Sesame crusted tuna & salmon sashimi

Edame & corn salad with sesame dressing

Wakame & seaweed salad 

Japanese spiced rice balls

Grilled seasonal vegetables


We cater breakfast, lunch, dinner, morning/afternoon tea & supper.

Providing a full buffet service.

We have multiple menu options & are flexible with all dietary requirements.

Grilled vegetables with pesto sauce

Radichio salad with olives and balsamic 

Steamed broccoli & kale with garlic oil

Deep fried Zucchini fritters with chilli mayo

Caprese salad with baby boconcini & fresh basil

Noona's beef ragout with parpadelle pasta & grated Parmesan

Grilled chicken Caesar salad with crispy bacon & homemade dressing



Mixed leaf & picked herb salad

Tomato ,cucumber & pineapple*salsa

Aloo Tikka potato cakes with spinach sauce

Tandoori spiced lamb chops with mint yoghurt

Lentil daal curry with cardamon & coriander

Byriani vegetable rice topped with herbs & crushed nuts

Butter chicken curry topped with crispy onions & garlic chips



24 hour slow cooked beef birria tacos 

Coriander & lime zested basmati rice

Baked sweet potato & spinach salad 

Corn fritters deep fried with Sriracha mayo

Bean, mango, cucumber & tomato salsa

Mexican salad with guacamole & crispy corn chips

Chicken enchiladas with sour cream & pico de Gallo

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