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For the past 13 years we have worked on drama, reality TV, live shows, sporting events, TVC and films all over Australia.


We have catered on year-to year-contracts, 7 years on, The Living Room, Home and Away and nationally for the V8 Supercars & Commonwealth Games. TCD (Two Can Do) have also catered for reality TV shows such as, MKR, Master Chef, X Factor, The Biggest Loser, Australia’s Next Top Model, Bachelor & Bachelorette, Dancing with the Stars, Everybody Dance Now & The Masked Singer, Poker Face, One Night, Prosper, North Shore, Mr In between, LKOTX & most recently NCIS.  

We have also catered on numerous TVC.

In addition, we have catered for events for magazines such as Vogue and Australian Good Taste and worked with celebrities, VIPs. We have also catered for weddings including, Stephen Peacock and Brigette Sneddon who are both actors from Home and Away and for Brodee Myers Cooke, the Editor in Chief of Taste News.

Jason has a professional team of qualified chefs and staff. With Jason’s wide experience he has the necessary skills to offer healthy, fresh, delicious  and affordable catering without compromising on quality. As well as fine dining expertise to facilitate any type of offering.

Victoria has worked in large publishing houses such as ACP, Conde Nast & News limited dealing closely with editors, marketing and events. In addition also worked in the arts industry such as The Powerhouse Museum and worked closely with Ken Done setting up exhibitions for his gallery at The Rocks. This has provided great contacts & also an understanding of Working with VIP’S, Executives and BTB dealings with clients.

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